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"We provide quality data to help Australian organisations navigate the shoals of public opinion and politics."

About Us

What do we do?

Solid strategic decisions are built on quality information about what people think. It’s our job to provide that information to our clients.

What does “Pyxis” mean?

Pyxis is a constellation in southern skies and represents a mariner’s compass. Just as a mariner’s compass is vital to leading ships through stormy waters, Pyxis Polling & Insights provides the same services for organisations and corporates navigating the shoals of public opinion and politics. It’s our belief that quality insights are invaluable and worth the investment, and faulty information is worse than no information at all.

What sort of services do we provide?

Our focus is to provide the best approach that suits the needs of our clients, rather than prescribing prefabricated solutions. Sometimes this will be online, sometimes telephone, sometimes qualitative, sometimes advanced statistical techniques like segmentation or MRP.

What is our background?

Pyxis Polling & Insights is led by Dr Campbell White and Simon Levy. Together they were the research team that redesigned and revitalised Australia’s best-known poll, Newspoll after 2019; producing consistent and unparalleled standards accuracy in a challenging polling environment.

This same team led the internal polling for Labor’s 2022 federal election campaign, which was just the third time in the past forty years that Labor won from opposition, and our background includes multiple successful state election campaigns. Our research is respected in the corridors of power.

What are our values?

We believe in respecting our clients and our participants. Rather than trying to influence Australians, we help you refine your messages so that they resonate with Australians’ values and are accepted by them naturally. Too often in the research industry respondents are driven to pick the ‘least bad’ option rather than something they would actually agree with outside the research environment.

We believe that research should be conducted ethically and reported transparently. Our methods respect survey participants who are our partners in providing research insights and we are committed to ethical labour standards ourselves and with our suppliers.

We want our research to make a positive contribution while at the same time ensuring our personal ideologies do not colour our interpretation or our insights.

Who are we?

Dr Campbell White

Managing Director

Campbell is Australia’s top pollster with an unrivalled record of accuracy and insight. His background includes senior roles at YouGov, Galaxy Research, EMC, UMR and Newspoll.

Over the past 25 years, he has designed research which has guided multiple strategic campaigns that have produced positive outcomes for his clients. Campbell led the polling research which led to the boilover victory for Labor in the Queensland 2015 election campaign, strategic research to guide trade union campaigns to unseat the Perrottet Government in 2023, polling which tracked the reactions of the community during the 2018 Banking Royal Commission and helped guide the Banking Industry’s path to rehabilitation, and research designed to ensure that the planned increases to the Super Guarantee remained in place despite government reluctance.

Campbell has a PhD from the University of Queensland in Social & Media Psychology. His research is built on a platform of a solid understanding of human psychology and behaviour.

Simon Levy

Senior Consultant

Simon has more than twenty years of research analysis experience in Australia and the United Kingdom.

In the wake of the 2019 polling failure, Simon designed a new sampling design and weighting regime for Newspoll. This new system not only restored confidence in Australia’s most important public poll, but also produced the most consistently accurate results in Newspoll history, with 2PP results within just 1 point of the actual result in the Federal, South Australian, Victorian and New South Wales elections.

Simon also managed and designed tracking research for multiple winning Labor campaigns including the 2022 Federal Election.

Simon has a BA (Honours) degree in Economics and French from Middlesex University and Nantes Université. He has worked in market research and polling since 1994, including roles at Network Research in London, and YouGov, Galaxy Research and Ekas in Sydney.

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